Adult Sunday School

Adult Sunday School

Sunday Morning

9:45-10:45 a.m. – Word and Way/Salt and Light – Room 103 (The Learning Center)



The format is presentation and discussion.  Teacher:  Marsha Weiese.   The study helps us apply God’s word to our day and to be more godly in our lifestyles.  Adults of all ages are welcome.  Please bring a Bible.






The Current


11:00-12 noon – The Current – Room 103 (The Learning Center)
Our format is casual discussion, believing that everyone’s faith journey offers opportunities for sharing and mutual encouragement. Discussion topics are varied to keep it interesting. Over the year, we will discuss current events, inspirational movie clips, topical Christian life studies, or work our way through a book of the Bible- all with the aim of strengthening one another as disciples of Jesus Christ. The class enjoys getting together for service projects and social gatherings regularly.


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