Wedding Fee Schedule

There is no fee for the use of the church facilities for members of Hyde Park Presbyterian Church. There will be a $400 fee for the use of the facilities for non-members. (That is, if neither the bride or groom nor members of the immediate family are members of Hyde Park Presbyterian Church). Fee is due when wedding date is scheduled on the calendar.


Regular Date

Holiday Date

Church Organist
Church Custodian
Wedding Coordinator
Minister (non-members)

All fees are to be paid at least two(2) weeks prior to the wedding, in cash, and given to the minister at the final counseling session.

Unity Candelabra $10
4 Candelabra (7 candles each – graduated) – $10/candelabra
2 Tree Candelabra (9 candles each) – $10/candelabra

*Chase Candles furnished with each candelabra. Wax candles may NOT be used.

Fees are subject to change until the use of the church has been approved and a deposit accepted.

An appointment will then be set up to discuss the ceremony with one of our Wedding Coordinators, Pam Tucker or Danielle Blasco. If you have further questions, please email us or call 253-0069, extension 21.

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