Hyde Park Presbyterian’s freshly renovated nursery has three bright and cheerful rooms: a sleeping room, baby play room, and toddler play room. Our nursery is staffed by trained and loving care givers. In addition to our professional sitters, trained and loving church volunteers supplement our sitters depending on the number of children in the nursery on a given day.

If you have a child that is two years old or younger, we invite you to use the nursery during the Sunday School hour and during the worship services. Our check in procedures is as follows:

1) Diaper bag and if your child has dietary restrictions, please bring a snack.
2) Label your diaper bag and hang it on the peg area.
3) Sign in and create a name tag for your child. Put the name tag on your child’s back.
4) Pagers and/or cell phone text messages are available to contact you in the event that your child needs you.

Our sitters and staff will provide loving care for your child while you attend Sunday School or worship. We look forward to spending time with your child!

Our Children and Youth Protection Policy