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August 23, 2022 – Newsletter


Kick Off Sunday set for Sept. 17!
Plus MORE September fun.
Sun. Sept. 17 – Fall Kickoff Sunday: Wear your favorite team t-shirt, kids move up in classes, fun and fellowship.
Tue. Sept. 19 – New Life Group: This young adult dinner and Bible study meets the 3rd Tuesday at the Kline’s.
Sat. Sept. 30 – WWJJD? What Would John Jr. Drink? Kim Brannan will be hosting an educational and fun Beer Tasting & Learning experience at her home with son and beer brewer John Jr.
Feeding Friends: The freezer is getting bare, and a cooking fiesta will be coming soon to re-stock.
Book Group: Enough talk! Quite a few people have indicated an interest in a book group. It’s happening!
In Person Worship in the Sanctuary at 10 am
 Lynda Waters, Ordained ElderLynda Frieze Waters was baptized and grew up at Hyde Park Presbyterian Church. She went to Gorrie, Wilson and Plant then headed to Athens to become a Georgia Bulldog, graduating with a degree Journalism/Advertising, and where she met her husband Chip. They married in 1972 at HPPC and she worked most of her career at TradeWinds Beach Resort, eventually as Vice President of Marketing and running their in-house ad agency.
Before daughters Becky and Stacey arrived, Lynda and Chip served as youth advisors, and had a pet octopus. Lynda has served several terms on the Session and on numerous committees. She and Chip enjoyed many years of boating, salt water fishing, and generally enjoying outdoor adventures. They now live a more subdued life next door to Stacey, Josh, Carter Claire and Margot Crum.

 Classes for Children and Adults at 11:00 following Worship.


The Dechurching of America
Adult Sunday Class 8/13 @ 11am

Church attendance has been declining for decades across generations. In 2020, two of five church members were actively volunteering, but by 2022, only one in five were.”It’s not like they are walking away, saying, ‘I’m now an atheist and don’t believe,'” a religion sociologist says. “They still believe in a God and live life with purpose but are done with the institutional church.”

What if the problem isn’t that churches are asking too much of their members, but that they aren’t asking nearly enough? Join us to talk in the Meeting Room near the office!

Maui Wildfires
Richard Farrior’s grandson makes a plea!Stephen VanBueren, grandson of member Dr. Richard Farrior, leads a small church and lives, in Maui. He gives thanks for the vast outpouring of prayer and support for the people there.

Please take a moment to watch the video he created, and the code used to donate. Every penny goes to the people, through a church that can immediately go purchase things  and take them where needed.

Click here to watch the video and the way you can donate directly to their needs. Mahalo!

Prayer Request
Prayer Request

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