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August 9, 2023 – Newsletter

Love Gift for Miss Ilma
Want to give a love gift to Ilma, our Director of Children’s Ministry, in appreciation of her love and instruction with our infants, toddlers and K-5 kids?
Make a check payable to HPPC with Love Gift noted. Or check “Love Gift” in Easy Tithe or Church Center. It will most appreciated as she sets up her new residence out of state.

Miss Ilma embarks on a new adventure.

Madeleine Plyler, Margot and Carter Claire Crum give Miss Ilma flowers on her last day, Aug.6th. Ilma will be leaving Florida to pursue a full-time ministry in a chillier climate. She brought a Master’s in Family Ministry, excellent skills and an incredible loving and caring demeanor shared with both children and adults. 

Survey results from the congregation identified the children’s program as the most positive feature of our church. She will be missed. Faith Pilafas will be our Interim Children’s Director and will be leading the nursery and children’s Sunday School starting August 13th.

Back to School Ice Cream Social, Aug. 6
Kudos to the Fellowship Task Force for planning an amazing ice cream social to welcome our new tenant Apollo Academy parents and students and wish all the kids well as they head off to school this week. Those beautiful oaks provided much-needed shade and the kids enjoyed corn hole and the playground as people visited and feasted on the cool refreshments.

School Starts Tomorrow!
Watch out for those School Zones & Crosswalks!

Please keep all the children in your prayers this week as they head back to school. May God bless each one with the joy of learning and new friends.

The hallways at HPPC will be ringing with the sounds of Kindergarten through 6th Grade students as we welcome Apollo Academy as our brand new tenant! Please welcome staff, students, and families if you see them!  


In Person Worship in the Sanctuary at 10 am
 Stacey Crum, Ordained Elder

Stacey Crum grew up at Hyde Park Presbyterian Church. She fondly remembers singing in the children’s choir and many fun youth group activities and trips. She has served on multiple search committees and task forces. She is currently serving her second term on Session and is the chair of the Music and Worship Committee. She and her husband Josh have 2 girls; Carter Claire (9) and Margot (6) who go to Grady Elementary. Stacey works full time as an Interior Designer for New Legacy Homes. 

No class for children on the 13th; look forward to 8/20 with Faith! 
Adults gather at 11:00 in the Learning/Meeting Room (hall by the office.)


Adult Sunday Class 8/13 @ 11am
Thinking about deeply evil people.

In this week’s discussion of current news in the headlines, we address the eternal fate of sociopaths, with the absence of conscience and no feeling of guilt or remorse.

Meet the Hyde Park Preachers of August!

During the entire month of August, the sermon will be delivered by ordained elders from our Congregation. Last week, we heard Kim Brannan speak about God’s Topsy Turvy Gospel. Here’s the schedule for the rest of the month.
Aug. 13: Stacey Crum “They Will Know We Are Christians by Our Love.”
Aug. 20: Brian Malek “I Don’t Believe What I Just Saw.”
Aug. 27: Lynda Waters “You Choose.”

Cooking in a High Wind
Harriet Plyler’s Hurricane Preparedness

This easy, delicious chicken, fried to a golden brown then gently sautéed with shallots, tarragon, sherry and sherry vinegar, makes a wonderful company dinner during normal times. But it’s also unbelievably perfect disaster comfort food when you’re in the middle of a hurricane after the power’s out, and all you have is a can of Sterno for cooking heat.

Be sure to shop in advance; most of us do not have fresh tarragon or shallots on hand. But you’re in luck! Harriet ALSO gives you a Hurricane Preparedness shopping list. Hint: there’s more than water and bread on it.

Click for video (always entertaining) and recipe: 

It’s Hurricane Season: but how do you pronounce it?

Hurricane (according to Harriet and also the late Lola Anne Frieze) is pronounced “hurracun” (accent on first syllable). Is that a Tampa thing? Maybe not. Centuries ago European explorers learned the indigenous word hurakan, signifying evil spirits and weather gods, to describe the storms that battered their ships in the Caribbean.  

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