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Children’s Sunday School

Children’s Sunday School

Click here for information about our  Nursery.

Children Ages 3 thru Grade 6 begin their morning in the sanctuary with their parent(s).

After the children’s sermon, the group leaves with Miss Faith for their own session during the remainder of the worship service.

If children stay in the worship service, they join the rest of the children in the Chapel at 11:00. After some singing, they go to their classrooms where they are picked up using coded name tags.  Younger children are picked up from the nursery using the same system. Pick up is from Room 118.

Miss Faith is the children’s ministry coordinator and runs many fun activities to introduce children to Biblical concepts. Later, children get an opportunity to play on our beautiful playground.

We look forward to spending time with your child!

If children have worshiped with their family in the Sanctuary, they will already have their name tags and “claim number” that matches their parent or grandparent. If they still need to check in, they can do that at the Chapel Door.

Kindergarten through grade 3 

This year, Miss Faith will be teaching a curriculum based on the Family Tree of Jesus. 

Children will explore the great stories of the Old Testament, featuring the direct line to Jesus.  Starting with Adam, Noah and Abraham, marching through Ruth and Moab, moving on to King David and King Solomon, they’ll finally arrive at Joseph and Mary and the birth of Jesus. 


Grades 4 through Grade 6 

The Hyde Park Thesbyterians, aka the 4th through 6th graders, dramatise Bible stories.  Taught by Harriet Plyler, they pore over the RSV Bible to study language and discern speaking parts, then set about writing and casting, and finally act and film the whole story. 


Their winter production featured the world premiere of  In the Beginning: One God, Two People, and the First and Last Ever Talking Snake.  We added AI special effects, but the captions were so bizarre, we have reverted to the original filmed version for general viewing here.





Child Protection Policy
All of our teachers pass a background check, receive Child Protection Policy training, and all classrooms are monitored to ensure your child’s safety and well-being.

We are a peanut free zone and provide only snacks that are labeled as peanut free, such as Goldfish and Graham Crackers.  We also try to provide gluten-free snacks along with regular ones.

You can download our child and youth protection policy here: Child and Youth Protection Policy.

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