HPPC’s Musical Box of Chocolates

HPPC’s Box of Chocolates


 Edwin’s Chocolate Treat for This Week!

The Music Ministry is bustling with Chancel Choir and Spirit Ringers’ rehearsing anthems, hymn re-harmonizations, and descants for dynamic Sunday worship services, plus our first concert, the FALL FESTIVAL OF MUSIC on Sunday, November 11, at 4:00 pm. The Fall Festival of Music (HPPC’s first; my 35th consecutive) will feature resplendent music for choirs, brass, percussion, handbells, organ, and congregation, and will be conducted by the internationally-known composer, and my friend, Allen Pote.  Mark November 11, at 4:00 pm, as a must-attend event to see your Music Ministry (joined by singers from other churches, including a guest organist) in finest fettle.  May you be inspired and may you be proud of all that your Music Ministry is doing.


Perhaps as an inspiration and aid to your Sunday worship, why not arrive early, and listen (quietly) to whatever ensemble or soloist is rehearsing for the 11:15 am service?  Why not, also, stay for the Postlude at the close of worship, remembering that someone actually chose that particular piece to play there, and practiced it that week (probably for years)?  I wonder how a minister would feel if people got up, and walked out of the Sanctuary every Sunday during her/his sermon?


I ask to you spread the good word of HPPC’s Music Ministry.  Recall and share the feelings you had last week at (KICK-OFF) Sunday. Bring others to worship with you…perhaps back to worship.  Join the Chancel Choir.  Speaking of the Chancel Choir, the Choir is not ‘them’, but it is ‘us’.  It is our Music Ministry, not somebody else’s Music Ministry.  We should participate in it, thus giving it new, grander, and a more varied life.  It is not how wonderful our voice is or isn’t, it’s that we joyfully and willingly return unto Him the song He so generously placed in each of our hearts.  To not sing the Lord’s Song is a selfish shame when the world direly needs to hear that song more than the one it hears.


Music for this Sunday, September 16

The 11:15 am service this Sunday, September 16, will feature a brand new hymn, the Chancel Choir’s singing Sheldon Curry’s arrangement of “Down To The River To Pray”, ERT descants on each the opening and closing hymn, one of J. S. Bach’s beloved organ favorites, his Arioso, and baritenor, Jordan Perillo, our bass section leader, singing the hands-down definite arrangement of “He’s Got The Whole World In His Hands”, arranged by Margaret Bonds, with an incomparable Jon Klibbinoff (unpublished) ending!  Fasten your seatbelts!
Jordan Perillo, has been singing in HPPC’s Chancel Choir for nearly two years.  A junior at the University of South Florida studying Psychology and Music Studies, he is in his second season of singing in the chorus of Opera Tampa, and in his third season singing with the Saint Petersburg Opera.  In addition to singing, he is also a trained classical pianist, a private piano and voice teacher, and occasionally works as an accompanist.
See you in worship!
Soli Deo Gloria!


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