Connecting with the Community- Thank You

HPPC mission work took center stage on October 27th. Thank you to all of you for your efforts for this community!

On Sunday October 27th we hosted our first Connecting with the Community Day organized by the missions team. Connecting with the community day was designed to allow church attendees that day to Go and Be God’s hands and feet preparing packages for various community groups. Here’s what you all accomplished last Sunday:

  • Over 300 children’s books were sorted and donated
  • 80 Manna bags were packed for the homeless
  • 20 Celebration kits were readied for Thornwell Families
  • 35 Welcome to HPPC bags were stuffed
  • Pictured here; Thank you gifts were prepared for Firefighters at three neighborhood firestations

A special thank you to all who worked behind the scenes to make it all happen.

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