Drop Off Your Drawers

Clothes to Kids is a non-profit that has been operating in Pinellas County for some time and recently moved to a location on Hillsborough just across from the airport. Children who need clothes for school make an appointment and get themselves to the charity location. Volunteers help them select from the new and gently used clothing that is available. Each child selects 5 outfits that can be worn to school and selects a pair of shoes. Additionally, they get 5 new sets of underwear and new pairs of socks so they are ready to go to school with clothes they like.

Hyde Park Pres is collecting clothing, particularly underwear and socks, for them throughout July so they can use it before school starts. Bring your clothing to the Willow entrance and place it in the box in the “Mission Corner”. If you prefer, you may also text to give to a collection that they will use to purchase underwear and socks.

Text to Give: 813-737-0316 “Clothes”
Donate Online 

If you know of someone who is getting rid of clothing that a school aged child would wear, you can donate it to them—remember, some school aged children are in adult sizes and can use clothing that you do not use. You can also become a “shopper” and help children select their clothing.

Learn more by going to https://clothestokids.org/