Dedication Sunday June 6th HPPC Family Legacy Playground

We hope you will join us on this special Dedication Sunday, June 6th right after the 10:00 am service. We will share in the dedication and blessing of our new playground together, then the kids can climb, swing, spin, bounce and chime while the adults fellowship. Dave’s Jukebox Diner will pull in where you can enjoy some delicious smash burgers for lunch on the lawn! Please invite friends and neighbors to this special service and dedication Sunday. It will surely be a memorable day at HPPC!

From the initial desire to “renovate” our beloved playground by adding a centerpiece play station to honor John Brannan with his memorial funds we have since endeavored to create the HPPC FAMILY LEGACY PLAYGROUND, sponsored by many families who have worshiped at Hyde Park Pres over the years, and DEDICATED TO JOHN B. BRANNAN; Youth Leader, Teacher, Elder, Treasurer.

This new playground is a fresh, fun, and vital way to provide a welcome haven for young children in the families who join us, as well as a community resource, a gift, and an outreach opportunity to the families in our community. Many of you have underwritten special play stations on the playground and we are so grateful for your contributions, as well as those who contributed to the overall fund!

This playground was certainly a labor of love… Calls went out to 5 playground companies. After initial contact, 3 companies actually came out to view the current site and make proposals. The company who clinched the final selection was Kompan, with the standout option of the Pirate Ship. Kompan designed Water Works Park next to Ulele. Their recommended design made sure the Pirate Ship had good visibility from the Swann Avenue corridor, and that play stations were grouped age-appropriately and with safe “use zones”.
The play stations were constructed in Denmark, then loaded on a cargo ship to cross the Atlantic, around the straits of Florida to the Port of Houston. It was then trucked to Austin, survived a snow storm in storage, and then made its way by truck to Hyde Park, once all the permitting and paperwork was completed.

Dedicated to John B. Brannan
Youth Leader, Teacher, Elder and Treasurer who loved his church, family & friends

We are grateful to the many generous individuals and families who created this fun, joyous playground.
Glory to God!


Kim Brannan & Family (pirate ship)
In memory of a loyal husband and caring father

Peg Gardner
In honor of the children of this community

Cheryl Jackson Young & Family
In memory of my parents Dot & Dave Jackson

Pam Jackson Blank & Family
In memory of my parents Dot & Dave Jackson

Monk & Carl Brannan (swing set)
In memory of our devoted son John


Christina & Tony Brannan Jr. (fence)
In memory of Uncle John

Jane & Tony Brannan (musical play station)
In memory of Tony’s brother & steadfast friend John

Winston DuBose (ocean see saw)
In memory of my good friend John

Lynda & Chip Waters (spinner bowl)
In memory of Lola Anne & Bill Frieze

Stacey & Josh Crum (cloud climber)
In honor of Carter Claire & Margot

Renee Gardner & Brian Malek (cloud climber)
In honor of Nicholas & Stella

Danielle & Michael Blasco (chiming flower)
In honor of our children

Bill Brannan Family
In memory of John, a wonderful brother

Carl Brannan Jr. Family
In memory of “my little brother John”

Dr. Richard Farrior & Family (bench)
In memory of Dr. J. Brown & Evelyn Searcy Farrior, Charter Members

Nancy & Bob Hankin (chiming flower)
In honor of Bradley, Tommy & Matthew

Becky Brannan Hatcher & Family (bench)
In memory of Becky’s brother John & his quiet strength

Hyde Park Presbyterian Congregation (chiming flower)
In honor of Val Van Orden & her years of tending our church gardens

The Poe Family (chiming flower)
In memory of Haven & Charlie Poe

The Steiner Family (bench)
In honor of our son Jackson

Chris, Walker & Jourdan Tanner (bench)
In honor of our parents Jett & Steven Tanner

Rob & Vairin Brannan Tolley & Family
In memory of my humorous brother John


Ken & Ruth Cowan
Karla & Ed Grant 
Sandy & Brian Kennedy
Mary Fran Meyer
Bruce H. & Ann Gillen Orand & Family
Harriett Phillips
Rev. Ken & Robin Shick
Pat Farrior Van Bueren

Jesus said, “Let the children come to me… for to such belongs the Kingdom of God.”
-Matthew 19:14