HPPC Family Legacy Playground

The Entire Playground is now Underwritten!!

The new playground will be a fresh, fun, and vital way to provide a welcome haven for young children in families who join us as well as a community resource. It will be very visible from the Swann Avenue drive-by corridor, and a gift and outreach to the families in our community.

From the initial desire to “renovate” by adding a centerpiece play station to honor John Brannan with his memorial funds, calls went out to 5 playground companies. After initial contact, 3 companies actually came out to view the current site and make proposals.

The company who clinched the final selection was Kompan, with the standout option of the Pirate Ship. Kompan designed Water Works Park next to Ulele, where you can see the adorable Ocean SeeSaw and the Spinner Pole. Their recommended design made sure the Pirate Ship had good visibility from the Swann Avenue corridor, and that play stations were grouped age-appropriately and with safe “use zones”.


 View Link for Visuals!!

General Playground Fund  Gifts of any size are welcome to put on the finishing touches, such as  trees, landscaping, festive shade sails. 
Goal $12,000 PLEASE EMAIL: office@hydeparkpres.com, Call: (813) 253 0069 Or  Donate Direct

Ocean Seesaw  Up to three children can rock on each end featuring dolphins and sharks 
$8,000 Underwritten

Spinmaster Pole  Stand-up spinning in style, solo or with friends
$3,500 Underwritten

Creative Manipulative  Designed for hands-on play for toddlers and fosters hand-eye coordination
$2,500 Underwritten

Buccaneer Pirate Ship  Large play station for young swashbucklers to create adventures on the high seas       

Deluxe Swing Set with Flying Saucer & Baby Bucket  Up to four older children can enjoy swinging next to mom and baby 

Fence  Secure, black aluminum fencing with auto-closing gates keep our little ones safe. 

Spinner Bowl  Kids love to spin and whirl around in this big scooped seat

Comfy, durable Outdoor Benches  Wooden benches provide cool seating   $500/each (3 available)  
3 UNDERWRITTEN 1 more available

Cloud Climber  Climbing fun on this low net climber for toddlers.

Musical Play Station  An interactive music panel with xylophone chimes for curious minds and peaceful play   

Chiming Flowers  Petals on these brightly colored flowers allow children to create delightful chiming tones 
$2,000/each  UNDERWRITTEN