During Lent we will host various  projects including preparing birthday celebration kits for use by Guardian Ad Litem families and packing Blessing or Manna Bags that can be given to people who are homeless. Each of these activities will take place during the Wednesday evening program from 6:00 pm. You can join others for a meal you provide or at 7:00 pm when the formal activity begins.

Teaming with the various mission efforts available through HPPC is a great way to make friends while serving Christ and helping others. Anyone is invited to join a service team. Regular projects include collections of baby items for migrant workers, underwear and socks for Clothes to Kids, food for End 68 Hours of Hunger, and gifts for needy children during Advent .If you wish to help, please email  hppcmissions@gmail.com or call the church office.

A partnership with Thornwell’s Building Families program helps us serve the community and families in transition.  Our building serves as “home base” for a specially trained social worker who provides services to families who are struggling; folks like grandparents as parents, children in families involved in divorce, or children in a newly blended family are some examples.

We host the pantry and packing facility for End 68 Hours of Hunger, Tampa. By February2023, the organization is  serving nearly 900 students and over 300 families in our community.Teams of volunteers assemble bags containing food for children whose families are food insecure. Social workers in the   more than 35 schools where the program operates identify children and their families who may not eat during the weekend without our help.  Each weekend, Tampa families receive food to help them stay fed during the nearly 68 hours between free school meals. The program has no employees and is supported completely by volunteers.  We can always use volunteers to donate food or to help in the packing and distribution of the food. Click here for more information about this. In addition to the pantry located in our facility, there are pantries in Plant High, and Mitchell , Lowry , Oak Park , and Mendenhall Elementaries.

Members also support, with their offerings, charities that focus on providing basic needs to people who need a hand up.  These include Faith Cafe, Metropolitan Ministries, BethEl Mission, Meals on Wheels, Feeding America Tampa Bay and Judeo Christian Health Clinic.  For the past six years, we have supported a nursing student in Haiti through Haiti Nursing Foundation.

If you have any questions, or would like more information about any of these mission opportunities, please send an email to: hppcmissions@gmail.com

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