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This Week’s Musical Treat

January 20, 2018


Our Music Ministry continues to fire on all cylinders, even with changes in leadership here and there now and then.  We sincerely wish Spencer Shick and his family well in their new work and home in Atlanta, and indeed sent him on his way with all our love and prayers. We have good news in the persons of Benjamin Beckwith and John Michael Kyker who will lead the Band at the 9:15am service this coming Sunday, January 20.  These two fine finds (thanks to Pastor James) will also lead the Band the following Sunday, January 27. Stay tuned to this weekly article for more great Contemporary Service news coming our way.


We will also welcome this Sunday the return of a good friend of HPPC, pianist Melody Mahusay, who will be playing the hymns and accompanying the Chancel Choir (Scott Brown, directing) in the 11:15a service while our Director of Music Ministries, Edwin R. Taylor, and his wife, Faith Ferry, will be in Connecticut singing and playing with a gospel ensemble in three programs this weekend.  I want you to have the opportunity to read the rich text of the Chancel Choir’s anthem before you hear it sung in worship on Sunday:

Before the Marvel of This Night

text by Jaroslav J. Vajda (1919-2008)

music by Carl Schalk (b. 1929)

Before the marvel of this night
Adoring, fold your wings and bow,
Then tear the sky apart with light
And with your news the world endow.
Proclaim the birth of Christ and peace,
That fear and death and sorrow cease:
Sing peace, sing peace, sing gift of peace!


Awake the sleeping world with song,
This is the day the Lord has made.
Assemble here, celestial throng,
In royal splendor come arrayed.
Give earth a glimpse of heavenly bliss,
A teasing taste of what they miss:
Sing bliss, sing bliss, sing endless bliss!


The love that we have always known,
Our constant joy and endless light,
Now to the loveless world be shown,
Now break upon its deathly night.
Into one song compress the love,
The love that rules above:
Sing love, sing love, sing God is love!


I hope this new addition to HPPC’s Choral Library speaks to you, and inspires your walk through Epiphany.


Watch this weekly article, too, to see how the Music Ministry in February will—in sound—celebrate the official African American History Month.



Soli Deo Gloria!

In His Service,

Edwin R. Taylor,  Director of Music Ministries

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