Our Beliefs

Hyde Park Presbyterian Church Mission Statement:

“To experience Christ, boldly make him known, and to glorify him by reflecting his love and character through service.”

beliefs1As Presbyterian Christians, we believe that God made us in His image. We were made to love God and others, and gifted with the freedom to act. God loves us unconditionally even though we have all given in to our human nature.

Jesus Christ, God’s Son, came to earth to show us God’s love and mercy.  Jesus was both divine and human. He was fully human on earth, he is God, and he sent the Holy Spirit to dwell in his followers. He arose from the dead and sits on the right hand of God, who is our almighty Father. Christ’s resurrection shows God is stronger than death; his promise is that all believers will be raised to newness of life at death.

Believers are called to do God’s work in the world: sharing the Good News of his love with others; inviting them into His family of faith, the Church; striving for justice for all; compassionately caring for others; and walking humbly with God. Our lives are lived in daily gratitude for the grace of God.

Christ will come again at the end of time in accordance with Biblical prophecy. All will behold him and bow the knee. There will be a final judgment. The “new heaven” and the “new earth” will come to pass. Believers will enter into the presence of the Lord.

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