Small Groups



Tuesday Nights (8:30pm)

Movie Review Night: 8:30 pm weekly on Tuesday
Each week we pick a movie and then meet virtually (for now) to enjoy a conversation about the movie. Hope to see you Tuesday night!
CLICK FOR ZOOM LINK:  Movie Club (Tues. 8:30 PM)


4/13 LIVE Viewing in the Waters/ Crum “Barage” of One Night in Miami at 6:00 PM.
Reach out to the office for the address if you would like to attend in person.


Wednesdays (7 pm )

7:00 pm (Wed.):  Kneeling with Giants facilitated by: Sarah Friesen
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CLICK FOR ZOOM LINK: Kneeling with Giants (Wed. 7:00 PM)

Kneeling with Giants Class



8:30 pm (Wed.):  Emotionally Healthy
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CLICK FOR ZOOM LINK: Kneeling with Giants (Wed. 8:30 PM)



Thursdays (First/Last)

8:30 pm (First & Last Thurs. Monthly): Brew & Theology
This Group is currently on hold. Check back for updates.



Don’t know how to “Zoom”, please call or email the church office and we will help you get set up. Call 813-253-0069 or


Do it yourself instructions: for any device that connects to the internet: mobile phone, tablet or iPad, or computer.
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