Sunday Morning Worship Services

We’re back to our usual Sunday morning for worship services at 10:00 am.

Children may take a packet from the container on the left side of the door to the sanctuary when they enter the church. They begin worship seated with their parents. After a children’s time, they are are “shepherded out” of Worship and they may be picked up from the children’s activity room. Classes for children and conversation and coffee for adults at 11:00.
Nursery opens at 9:45 am.

Live stream the service here.

To our great delight, we now have a new interim minister in place: long time preacher Rev John Hougen. With strong leadership experience, he is guiding our ship back into the deep oceans of worship and fellowship out of the shallows where we’ve waded for a while. He is already popular with adults and children alike.

Our music is a blend of traditional and contemporary, provided by several vocalists, and Cheryl Cox, organist,

Sunday School is held at 11:00 am

Following the worship service, classes for children are held in person. Adults may engage in conversation following the service or attend the adult class, the Wired Word, a discussion about current events.

  • Our nursery is open from 9:45 – Noon for children ages 0-3
  • During the school year, Sunday School Classes for children aged 3 through 4th grade are offered at 11:00 a.m. after the worship service.
  • During Summer 2024, children aged 2 through 11 attend in assorted costumes.  They are shepherded out of the service following the children’s sermon and Lord’s Prayer, and follow lessons from our World Curriculum, followed by special games and activities. During the summer, that Sunday School class ends at 11:00.
  • The Hyde Park Thesbyterians, grades 4th – 6th, write and film their own plays from the Bible. That class will resume in mid August.

We invite you to join us as we share the Word of God.

Envelopes for offerings and prayer cards are found in the pews.  Or you may make a donation here. For which we say thank you!!