Adult Sunday Mornings

Coffee, Talk & Prayer
9:30 am Sundays in the Hospitality Hallway

Come at 9:30 for coffee, talk, and pray for each other, the church and our community. Meet in the Hospitality Hallway (the coffee bar area outside the office).

Have a prayer request? Email it to or you can post a prayer request on the board in the hallway. 

11:00 am Every Sunday

What It Means to be Reformed
 Conference Room

Triune God, Fall of Man, Redemption … what’s it all mean as to how you live your life? Come to this class as a former Catholic and Presbyterian minister toss it all around and put in your two cents worth. Rev. James and Brian Malek facilitate the 6-week series

Not too late to join!

Address the Mess: series by Andy Stanley, facilitated by Stacey Waters
11:00 am in the Learning Center (if it’s completed!; otherwise we put a sign)
Sept 26, Oct. 3, Oct. 10, Oct. 17

It’s a common misconception that the Christian life is all about avoiding messes and staying out of trouble. But it turns out that your messes and the messy people you meet along the way may actually be your greatest opportunity to know God. In this 4-part series, Andy Stanley reminds us that following Jesus isn’t about avoiding something; it’s about becoming something.

1. The Mess in the Mirror    Sept. 26
2. Best Mess Ever      October 3
3. Inside Out               October 10
4. Messy-er                  October 17




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