Adult Sunday Mornings

Coffee, Talk & Prayer
9:30 am Sundays in the Hospitality Hallway

Come at 9:30 for coffee, talk, and pray for each other, the church and our community before our 10:00a.m. worship service. Meet in the Hospitality Hallway (the coffee bar area outside the office).

Have a prayer request? Email it to or you can post a prayer request on the board in the hallway. 

11:00 am Every Sunday

The Promises of God
  Conference Room–Kim Brannan, Bible Study Teacher

This exciting class provides in-depth exploration into the seven foundational covenants God has made with humankind since Creation.  Our world has suffered so much in the past two years, if we can bind our hearts and spirits together, and focus on what we know we can bank our lives on — God’s loving kindness and goodness — then maybe we can regain a lost sense of much-needed hope and renewal of faith.
There is something special about meeting together again, in person, to study and dig into God’s word together. The insights we gain often far outweigh what we can glean on our own. Feel free to wear masks if that makes you feel safer and more comfortable. 
Please join us!








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