Our Vision

You see our vision statement above. How do we try to move our vision forward?

Each week we have a Sunday worship service at 10:00 am. One can come in person to engage with others; it is streamed live online and available each week on our YouTube channel. There are other special service which you can find out about on our website. During the service there is a time to meet with friends, both new and familiar. We welcome visitors and members.

Opportunities to fellowship with others in the congregation are also available. A group of young adults meets monthly. A group meets as needed to make meals for people in the congregation or those who would benefit from from a meal now and then. There are meals eaten together at various times throughout the year. Coffee is available on Sunday as one enters the church and people often remain for informal fellowship after the worship time.


We are involved in several ways to reach out to our neighbors. Thornwell’s Building Families program has its offices here. We are home to End 68 Hours of Hunger, Tampa and the pantry located within our walls serves nearly 600 children who attend 30 schools every weekend. The over 75 people who are involved as volunteers use the building monthly. Apollo Academy, a small private school is located within our walls and Elevate, a program to build life long values and opportunities with public school students,is headquartered here.

We offer educational programs for children and Bible study and other learning opportunities for adults. Children’s programs take place on Sunday morning; children are precious to us. Children are using a Whirl curriculum and older children are involved in writing Biblical dramas and recording them.