Worship +2 Relaunch September 12th

But they who wait for the Lord shall renew their strength; they shall mount up with wings like eagles; they shall run and not be weary; they shall walk and not faint.                        Isaiah 40:31

Waiting….  As the pandemic season comes to a close, we are waiting for things to return to NORMAL. Will it be the same? What will the new normal look like?

Here is a vision to consider: butterflies coming out of a cocoon. Caterpillars are born with everything they need to become butterflies. Some of these parts develop over time and are visible, like wing buds. Other things are happening, but can’t be seen. But all the information for these parts is stored in the caterpillar’s cells, waiting to be unlocked.

This summer our church has been in a cocoon, if you will: we have all the parts we need to relaunch. We too, are waiting to be unlocked.

Isaiah 40:31 reminds us that waiting is a time of renewal. Relaunching our church will take strength. There are spiritual muscles that we have not used in a while. Ask anyone who has worn a cast for a broken bone. It takes time and perhaps some help to regain strength and functionality. Perhaps there are some of us that have gotten out of the Sunday routine. It takes time to reclaim that time and get close to God after worshiping in your jammies.

This summer has been about getting out and getting together with friends and family. After being locked down, many of us are hitting the road to see loved ones; your pastor included. I encourage all of you to take some time this summer to reconnect and restore yourselves.   Rest up: because we have some flying to do!

We are the body of Christ and like the butterflies, we are equipped but we need to get moving. You’ll be hearing a lot about WORSHIP+2: coming to Sunday Worship (live or livestreaming) and being part of two more things … like Alpha or Sunday School or being part of a ministry committee or helping with a church workday.

We need each other, and when you step into WORSHIP+2 you will be amazed at what God is doing in your life. And in the life of this church.

Let’s get flying!


Rev. James D. Friesen


Our New Schedule Beginning September 12th:

9:30 – 9:50 – Coffee, Talk and Prayer
10 am – Worship, both in-person and livestreaming
11 am – Classes for Children 3 and up
11 am – Classes for Adults
9:30 – Noon – Nursery