Ministry Teams

Ministry Teams

Volunteers are always welcome to join any ministry. If you wish to get more information, please click on the link below to contact the ministry chair.


Administrative – Functions as budget and finance council. Deals with matters of church finances. Assists church financial secretary and treasurer. Monitors the use of church facilities by outside groups. Assists in yearly stewardship campaign.

Contact the Chair: Josh Crum


Building and Property – Provides for maintenance and repair of facilities and grounds. Schedules workdays and encourages participation. Has a plan for long-range maintenance as well as immediate upkeep.

Contact the Chair: Mark Johnson


Congregational Education – Oversees education program of the church including: Sunday morning Church School, mid-week classes, special Bible studies. Provides resources for education – people and materials. Proposes creative ways to teach the Christian faith and promotes the study of the Bible in the congregation.

Contact the Chair: Karla Grant


Crave Worship (contemporary)– Coordinates and promotes the “Crave” service and works to assure that the worship and music are of the highest quality. Works with the Assoc. pastor, praise team leader, greeters, ushers technical director and worship leaders.

Contact the Chair: Heather Morrison


Communications – to direct and drive effective and efficient communications in support of the mission and ministries of the church.

Contact the Chair: Jourdan Bennett


Fellowship – Promotes Christian friendship in the church by helping to plan men’s, women’s and congregation-wide retreats; oversees and recruits help for quarterly after church luncheons, etc.

Contact the Chair: Jane Brannan


Membership – Oversees the recruitment, training, and reception of new members into the church, including organizing the New Member classes and welcome receptions. Also, works to keep members active. Oversees monthly “lawn fellowship” times to help Crave & traditional members mingle.

Contact the Chair: Lynda Waters


Mission – Oversees the church’s “servant” ministry. Evaluates yearly the benevolent causes which HPPC supports.  Promotes our overseas and local missions, urging hands-on involvement.

Contact the Chair: Sandy Kennedy


Personnel – Oversees professional and support staff, their needs, work, compensation, etc. Updates the Personnel Manual regularly. Evaluates each staff member yearly.

Contact the Chair: Guy Bryant


Traditional Worship – Coordinates and promotes the traditional service and works to assure that the worship and music are of the highest quality. Works with the Pastor, Music director, greeters, ushers, technical director and worship leaders. Assists the Acolyte coordinator, Junior choir director, and Christmas Pageant director.

Contact the Chair: Lynda Waters


Youth – Assists the director of Student Ministries including: recruiting adult leaders, planning youth events and activities, setting goals and monitoring progress toward goals.

Contact the Chair: Adam Hines

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