Wedding Guidelines

wedding_policy_pic_01Our organist will serve as the organist for your wedding. The organist will review all the music that you plan to use in the service and, in consultation with the minister, will approve all instrumental and vocal music. Since this is a worship service, the focus of the music is to be spiritual and sacred; so secular lyrics do not enhance worship and are inappropriate. Live music only is allowed.


wedding_policy_pic_02Flowers and all decorations should be kept to a minimum so as not to detract from the dignity and beauty of the Sanctuary and the wedding service.

Just as the organist must be from the church, we ask that you use only the church wedding coordinators. Outside coordinators may not be used.  The coordinator will meet with you to help  you plan for a smooth flow of the wedding.

wedding_policy_pic_03At the rehearsal, the wedding coordinator will guide the members of the wedding party through the details of the wedding to be sure that each person understands what is to happen during the wedding ceremony. At the wedding, she will see that everything runs smoothly from the time of arrival until after the wedding.

All ceremonies performed in this church will be under her guidance. Photographers and videographers are the guests of the congregation of Hyde Park Presbyterian Church and out of courtesy should abide by the procedures of the church regarding photography of weddings.


  1. During some parts of the ceremony, photography disrupts the worship service. A photographer may be asked to refrain from photos during some parts of the service.
  2. Any photography done in the Sanctuary prior to the wedding must be completed one hour before the ceremony and all equipment removed.
  3. The photographer is permitted to take pictures during the ceremony only from the balcony or the narthex window without flash.
  4. Before a photographer is selected, the Wedding Coordinator should be consulted.
  5. Videography is permitted from the balcony or from the choir loft. If the camera is located in the choir loft it must be remotely operated. Thought should be given to conceal the camera as inconspicuously as possible, often in a palm. Available light must be used with no camera mounted light sources. The videographer should attend the rehearsal so he can speak with the pastor about the placement of the camera to avoid any problems.

For further information, please call the Church Office at 253-0069..



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