College of Elders

On August 22nd Over 40 elders attended the inaugural meeting for the HPPC College of Elders.  In the PCUSA, elders are ordained for life and just because one may no longer serve on the Session does not mean that their obligations are over. The College of Elders was created as something new, it is open to all present and former elders and the mission is to build the knowledge base of the church, let previous stake holders know what is going on and how they (former elders) can help.  Our church’s history has been a rich one. We are currently in a rebuilding mode, and we needed a way to tap into the ideas, support and insights of all our ordained elders as we face today’s challenges. We intend to meet several times each year, with the intent of sharing insights that may inspire and bring forth spiritual fruit for our church.

Stay tuned for the next opportunity to meet.